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Photographer Daniel Doyle Pleasantville

Daniel Doyle Pleasantville followed his dream to pursue professional photography at a fairly young age. The Pleasantville, Ohio native etched his name as a professional in the culturally diverse borough of Queens, New York. It is here that he sharpened his skills in portrait, landscape and architectural photography. The photographer made waves by taking headshots of budding actors and visiting artists. One visit that informed his move to pursue landscape and architectural photography was a journey to Europe that took place after graduating from college. Dan also dabbles in wedding photography, thanks to his newfound love for videography.

Dan Doyle wants to replicate the success in Queens back home in Pleasantville. His first step was setting up a one of its kind studio. The new studio and has created a lot of buzz in the small quiet community. Daniel Doyle Pleasantville has fond memories of the community since he studied at Ohio State University and majored in photography. Besides the natural environment, Dan gets photography inspiration from engaging people from different walks of life and traveling the world. He maintains a popular photobog that features some of his most notable works. The blog also gives him plenty of opportunity to share personal experiences and engage the audience.

When did you decided to become a photographer? What path did you follow to fulfill your dream?

I’ve always been inspired by the sightings around the environment, from the green forest cover to the modern street architecture. Growing up in Pleasantville and working in Queens afforded me the opportunity to appreciate the complexities of nature and the trappings of the big city. The desire to fully realize this dream strengthened my resolve to pursue photography in college.

Are you a soloprenuer? If yes, how do you balance the competing demands of business and private life?

I basically work as a freelance photographer even though I am occasionally forced to summon a team when I have a big project. With regards to work life balance, I see photography as part and parcel of my daily life. However, I also know the importance of creating boundaries to ensure I have free time to visit friends, go to the gym and attend to other pressing matters.

How would you describe your day?

Being a professional photographer means juggling many things from shooting and meeting clients to managing the business end of things. Shooting on location can be fun since it involves hauling and setting up the gears before taking the shots. Once the shooting is complete, I have to prepare for the arduous, post processing work. My favorite photo finessing applications include Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop CS5. I always ensure the RAW files are backed. The last assignment of the day is cleaning the lenses and preparing for the next day’s schedule.

What gears do you use in your photography assignments?

A quick peak into my photography kit reveals the following items: tripods, speedlight, battery chargers, prime and macro lenses, computers, polarizing filters, lens cleaning kits and SD memory cards. I also have a couple of professional grade cameras such as the Canon EOS 5D and Sony A9 for studio on off-studio assignments. These cameras offer high video resolution, fast AF and excellent continuous shooting speeds, among other admirable capabilities.

How would you rate your organizational skills?

I have a personal diary that I follow religiously to ensure everything goes down as planned. I also know the importance of photo management and I maintain a huge catalogue of photos and videos. The reference acts as a vital tool for correction, inspiration and marketing purposes.

In your own account, what is the most challenging bit about being a photographer in this age?

Because photographers generally depend on their sights for guidance, finding a happy balance between individual style and audience taste can pose a bit of a challenge to the inexperienced photographer. The other challenges include finding a brief window with best lighting and capturing images exactly as the eyes see it. Shooting around sunset and sunrise can make or break a landscape photographer’s dream. Since the timing is brief, arriving in time and picking the right shooting angles is critical. The ability to capture images more accurately has improved lately with camera sensors that offer a better dynamic range. Having the skills to balance out the light and bracket the exposure can also help you create captivating images.

What piece of advice would you offer up-and-coming photographers looking up to you?

Upcoming photographers can grow professionally and gain courage by seeking regular feedback from their audiences. You obviously need to wear a thick skin and accept constructive criticism in order to grow. As you develop your skills, pick a style and work it through.

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