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Photographer Danny Eastwood

Danny Eastwood grew up in Wellington, New Zealand. Originally planning a career in Architecture or Industrial Design at university he was diverted into photography. The hallmarks of his enduring love of design and architecture are clear in his work today - his work tends to be concise and considered. This desire to build and construct things naturally led Danny to focus on still life photography.

“There are many elements of design and architecture in what I do: I love building things, to craft and create things.”

The counterpoint to his meticulous approach, particularly in his personal work, is the desire to evoke a sense of wonder and to perplex the viewer.

“Much of my work is refining details and processes to create something beautiful, the trick is leaving a crack to allow some entropy to enter. A moment of chance or chaos can breathe life into an idea and an image.”

Danny’s commercial work has been recognised internationally at different awards shows including D&AD, Cannes, Lüzers Archive and the New York Festival. He has also exhibited his personal work in solo shows and participated in group shows around the world.

Danny now resides in Sydney, Australia, with his wife, daughter, and aged Burmese cat.”

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