Photographer Dave Harvey

Mono Lake, California. Shot on a Widelux, a 70's Japanese panoramic camera with a swinging lens. My favorite format.

While primarily a musician, I find photography an important second mode of expression; specifically film photography. Digital art forms too frequently show us our world in stark, literal terms. Analog arts – still film photography, motion picture shot on film, music recorded on tape, and more – reflect our world back to us in a transformed manner. It's not a literal reality, it's certainly not a virtual reality, but more an enhanced reality. There's a natural artistry that analog processes draw out. Of equal importance is the element of chance, or even the element of chaos. It's harder to control manual analog processes, and so one ends up with more happy accidents, less perfection. Perfection is an enemy of art.

Snowshoeing Mt. Hood, Oregon. My girlfriend insists on injecting some style into any situation.

Most of my favorite photos are the ones that didn't come out as I imagined – perhaps there's a light leak, or poor exposure, or the camera itself malfunctioned. These are all things I won't find out about until getting the film developed. Were I shooting digital, I likely would have deleted the image and tried again. It is, of course, possible to make great art in the digital realm, and even possible to inject an analog aesthetic into it. It's just not the way I've chosen to approach my photography, and music as well.

Fall in North Dakota

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