Photographer Dave Ogren

Model: Adelisa G.. This was our first shoot together. We kept things casual and warm with window light and shadow.

My name is Dave Ogren. I grew up in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois. I began my education with photography taking pictures of places and things; travel shots, landscapes, etc. During a short conversation with a friends wife, she mentioned that while what I shoot is interesting, people generally want to see pictures of other people.

Model: Meghan B.. We've worked together multiple times since 2016. This shot was taken on a rainy dark day filled with thunderstorms. We ran in and out of the open during breaks in the storm, using the naturally diffused light of cloud cover to our advantage. I used a manual focus Zeiss Distagon 35mm f1.4 lens, wide open with a fast shutter.

I took this as part challenge part semi-insulting (in the best way possible) and thus catapulted myself into working with models and eventually getting into portrait, fashion, and boudoir photography. Since then, I've added engagement and wedding photography to my repertoire. Contact directly for a print or download of any image you can find on my social media or website or even better... to arrange a shoot for yourself.

Model: Susy Rivas / @Suevex on Instagram. We shot at her apartment studio, playing with available props, a MASSIVE wardrobe collection, and the natural light coming from a large window in her living room.

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