Photographer Derek Seaward

Oyster Shells - This is a shot of Oyster Shells at Whitstable in Kent and has become part of my abstract series, where I have been inspired by shape and form to use photographic techniques to transform some images into abstracts, where, once known the image is obvious but the first overall impression is of shape and colour

Born in Swansea, eldest son of 9. My father was a fisherman. I didn’t go to sea I became an accountant, taking pictures in my spare time. After 2 years, I won a place at MCA a prestigious photographic course in Britain. A new life, realizing the beauty of how light fell on objects from dawn to dusk and, using artificial light to replicate the same in the studio. I started in fashion, spent a year assisting. But with my love of light, the still life images in my portfolio gave me my first commissions. It also got me a job assisting the still life photographer, David Thorpe. 2 years later I had the portfolio and confidence to face the world of London advertising. Had my first studio and was shooting campaigns and winning entries in D&AD. An Art director who loved the way I lit my subjects, asked me do the same with cars. It was what I needed. Shooting autos challenged me more and more, in both studio and location. I had found a world I loved, large objects shot around the world in all the places I dreamed of.

Stare - This was also shot for my personal portfolio, I wanted to shoot images of faces straight to camera of Models whose eyes demanded your attention. And this does, one just has to engage with her eyes as well as her beauty

Allowing me to travel across Europe, E and W coasts of the USA and S/Africa. The challenge of large shoots over many weeks with crews of up to 40 gave me the rewards I wanted - building large sets in strange places, battling the weather, languages, waiting for the right light and making friends around the world. I would also take my own pictures, taking extra days to see more of where I was invading. The volume of these personal pictures grew and I felt I needed to show them. I did this in many ‘One Man Shows’ and Joint exhibitions. The response was surprising selling my personal work felt the same as passing a poster I had shot, or opening a magazine to see my pictures. After many years, my portfolio has become so varied and to make sense of such a volume is difficult. I continue to work in advertising, My love of photography never wanes, I get the same thrill from every picture I take. My Clients are vast and varied.

Basil - This is one of a collection of Images I shot for my personal portfolio of Herbs, fruit and flowers submerged in water inspired by a campaign I had shot for water proof make-up. Using a specially built water tank with aerated pipes blowing bubbles from the base

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