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Photographer Dick Quinn

Between ages 16 and 65, I put a quarter million miles on motorcycles. I mostly rode solo, in western and Rocky Mountain U.S. States and Canadian Provinces — from the Mexican Border north. My favorite bike was my last Honda Gold Wing — a yellow 2001 Gold Wing 1800, which I called “Bumblebee” (license plate “BZZZZZ”). My Wing’s quiet, fuel-injected, 1832cc, 6-cylinder engine put out 119 horsepower @ 5500 RPM and 123.2 foot-pounds of torque @ 4000 RPM. It had dual-disc ABS brakes, a smooth shaft drive, and a 5-speed manual gearbox. Passing slower vehicles was always fun. Traveling behind a line of cars and trucks at 65 MPH, I simply shifted from 5th to 4th, turned the throttle, and accelerated to 100+ MPH in a flash. My Wing was comfortable like a car, yet nimble like a crotch-rocket. I could adjust the suspension with a button push, ride 300+ miles without getting butt-sore, and greatly enjoy powering through tight twisties at high speed. Sound was wired into my helmet, including my radar detector, AM-FM-Weather Channel radio, CB radio, intercom with rear passenger, and CD player. The bike carried copious luggage in two side compartments and a rear trunk. I was able to carry cold and warm weather clothing and outerwear, rain gear, food, drinks, a notebook computer and extra engine oil and radiator coolant. Fully loaded my Wing weighed about 1200 pounds. The bike’s reverse gear came in handy.

I’m now 76.  Pre-pandemic, I still toured — but in a nimble, high-HP four-wheeler.  I greatly miss riding Bumblebee. My Wing photos elicit vivid memories.

More info:

Touring pics I took with pocket digicams:

And I still enjoy photography:

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Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
Jul 27, 2020


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