Photographer Eduardo Mueses

Last Week Memories - Nature's reminder of how life is but a blip in the cosmic spark of the universe. Tulips remind us that we have to live for the moment and always try to shine our brightest.

I am a passionate Dominican photographer, living in Bridgeport Connecticut. I started taking pictures when I bought a Polaroid camera at the age of 16 with some inheritance money my grandfather left me. I have been surrounded by photography from an early age when I used to rummage through my father's collection of Life Magazines and his albums of photos. It wasn't until the advent of digital photography (when I bought a Sony Mavica) that my photography exploded.

Still Magnolias - This was taken during a Photowalk at Yale, New Haven University. It was part of the Scott Kelby Photowalks and is a detail on the ironworks that outline all the buildings and structures at that prestigious college. There are so many details in that place that everywhere you look you find treasures.

For a while, I became a Wedding and Event photographer and as I was learning the trade, I wrote one of the most successful blogs about photography in Spanish (now defunct). Nowadays, I only do photography for my own pleasure and to make some money on the side with the sale of prints and stock photography. I am also dabbling in Generative and Digital Art as a way of diversifying and exploring creative venues. As I grow old, I am getting back to my photographic roots and I had veered towards more black and white photography. There is a reason why it's called Classic!

Fear of Flying - I have always been a little afraid of flying, yet I always ask for a window seat. I have been inspired by the book Window Seat by Julianne Kost, who says you should always ask for a window seat if you are a photographer, as the air and the ground will forever bring you numerous opportunities to get great photos. There is also an element of the Twilight Zone on this piece, where you see the tension of the hand holding on to the window...

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