Photographer Eloy

The person I want my future.

My name is Eloy, I started with a camera five years ago, I'm twenty-three years old, my stage for photography is Madrid, where I currently live. It is a city with a lot of movement and many people. There are times when that can turn against you, a lot of stress, too many people, but other times it gives you a wide repertoire of situations and stories that you can capture. Being honest, many times you go out looking for the photo, but you don't always get what you want. But also to other days when having the photo displayed, I do not do it and I simply enjoy the moment. I discovered a while ago that simple photographs, without technical displays, are mostly able to reconcile the individual with the world.

Anywhere to anyone.

Although it may sound topical, photography is more than capturing instants, it is reconciling with the world and with oneself. 

"There are many photographs that are full of life but are confusing and difficult to remember. It is the strength of an image that matters." Brassaï

The stairs of my future.

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