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Photographer Francesco Libassi

I’m a fine art and landscape photographer from Italy, based in Japan since 2007.

Originally I moved to Japan for reasons mostly unrelated with photography, but I soon realized I was living in such a beautiful country that I NEEDED to share my experiences and the places I was visiting with my family and friends, and why not, with everyone else! That’s how I started to take landscape images.

Tokyo cityscape from Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo cityscape from Ebisu, Tokyo, Japan

My main focus when photographing a place is to capture its essence and the emotions I’m experiencing while I’m there, avoiding all the distractions around me (the human presence and also colors): that’s one of the reasons why I find a combination of black and white and long exposure techniques makes a big part of my style. I think it helps suggesting a place instead of describing it, making the images “timeless”. I love to photograph seascapes by the coast and I have an overwhelming attraction  to Mount Fuji.

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