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Photographer Geir Floede

The Road 2

Geir Floede grew up in a small, windy village on the Norwegian west coast. His leanings to express himself visually began at an early age. During his late teens and early adulthood, he drew cartoons for newspapers and magazines.

He became a passionate photographer and in recent years, digital art has been his chosen creative playground. In surrealism he finds inspiration to create narratives that go beyond the pure image, and he feels deeply that these are better exposed in black and white.

His stories tend to evolve within the cycles of human life. As he lost most of his family at an early age, his personal experiences with pain and bereavement are reflected in much of his work. However, we can also detect his cartoonist background through humorous glimpses in several of his creations.

Hanging Clouds

As a man of the times, Geir Floede is also concerned with nature and our kinship with the earth to which we all belong. One of the characteristic traits of his creations is the visual connection between backgrounds and foregrounds. This enables his compositions to play out on one surface.

Geir Floede has been featured in several international photo magazines and he was one of the artists in the book «100 best selected artist 2020 vol.1», published by Photographize in 2021.

The Endless Walk

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