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Photographer Giuseppe Francavilla

Keep smiling
Keep smiling

Born in Palermo, Italy, in 1974, I have been having a natural flair for the shot since I was 10, using a Polaroid 1000 model borrowed from my brother.

The real revolution begins in 2001 owning a Kodak's bridge camera with a 24x zoom which trained my eye to look for the hidden details of things,

as in an imaginary game in which there is always something hidden from reality that may tickle the wonder of surprise.

Since 2006 international honors have dropped with some regularity and this has pushed me to challenge my skills more and more.

Currently I dedicate myself mainly to street and documentary photography.

Love letter to mum
Love letters to mum

As an artist I try to make the documentary discourse something universal starting from the particular: personal experiences such as recounting the illness of a family member in a way that is accompanied by moments of poetry and that speak not only to those close to me but that suggest a universal vision. And that’s what happens in my documentary “In case of absence (keep smiling)”, starting to work with using photographic collages, thus interrupting the rigid rational thread that binds the photos and allowing the introduction of signs, symbols and other illustrations as a support to photography, not to explain it but to detach it from the weight of reality.

The view from above
The view from above

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