Photographer Goran Boričić

I am Goran Boričić, I live and work in Podgorica, Montenegro. For me, photography is a style of life, photography is an attitude to everyday life and to the life which happens in front of your eyes. From that attitude derives the style. Photography has power in which a photographer freezes the moment of the real life.

"Swan Lake"

Photography is a faithful companion of my life, an inseparable part of my being. I do not live from photography, I do live for photography. What is the street without people? Is it just a bad rolled concrete? Or a pile of dust? In fact, nothing.

"Humanity's Dark Side"

So we should therefore preserve people… majority of my photographs are people, at least in the form of silhouettes – which means that people play an important role in my photographs.

" A man in black... "

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