Photographer Guillermo Álvarez

Sunset, Alto de Penouta. Asturias, Spain

I am a self-taught photographer. I learned so much from analog photography working out the Ansel Adams Zone System in the darkroom, though I currently work only with digital cameras. I must confess I am addicted to Adams' work and it has always been an inspiration to me. There are other photographers that have a great influence on my work; P. Caponigro, E. Weston, and H. Callahan. A special mention to A. Stieglitz and his "Equivalences" photos with clouds that have moved me so deeply.

Foggy and rainy day, Asturias, Spain

I find B&W a more powerful way of self-expression when I shoot landscapes and working on the grey scale more liberating. I am a detailed and descriptive photographer and love the beauty found in nature. I love everything in Nature and her beauty, and When I am in a forest or in the mountains is the time when I feel completely in the "here and now".

At sunrise, taken from "El Mirador del Sueve", Asturias, Spain

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