Photographer Helene Vallas

"Patchwork in Ecuador" during my discovery trip to Ecuador near Cotopaxie

I am a self-taught photographer living in Paris. The photographic act is not an activity for me but a real commitment to the world around me. I like various subjects; the landscapes, still life, emotions that I feel, I express them through my photos and I share them.

"Les Genets" a photo of a region of France la Lozere where everything can be imagined with the color of the broom. I love working with the lights, it is always so different, depending on the places and countries.

I try to build a poetic language through photography while looking for a form of aesthetics. Some series that I present is the beginning of a work on my many travels and ballads in France to impose a poetic emotion. The series then appear to be a photographic era, a real photographic scenography. Any form of expression is essential for me including the artistic writing and especially photography. I would define myself as a voyeuristic artist passionately fond of photography travels and encounters.

"The Pelvoux" represents a view of the French Alps, I worked out my pictures like a painting

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