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Photographer Ignasi Raventós

Creative advertising by profession, photographer by vocation. As a young man I wanted to be a photographer for National Geographic. But in those times, photography was an expensive activity. So I dedicated myself to a profession, creative advertising, which taught me to look and express myself.

With the arrival and consolidation of digital photography, I returned to my hobby of photography and found in it my true vocation. I live and work in Barcelona. And Barcelona is the great photographic studio where I develop my work.

I like street photography. For several years, I have dedicated myself to touring the streets of Barcelona in search of a proper way of doing streetphotography. I have found that Barcelpona has a light of its own under which the life of people transits briefly. A beam of light is the raw material with which I work. In that beam of light, things happen, people appear. Urban life under the light.

Ignasi Raventós Barcelona, 1958

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