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Photographer James Miike

Shot in Port Dover, Ontario, the colour harmony first caught my attention and I just had to get closer and capture this spectacular sight.

Photography for me, has always been this ever evolving, creative outlet. Something will catch my eye and theres this visceral indescribable feeling that I need to grab my camera and capture it. I remember being drawn to photography at a young age. When I was growing up I had a cheap point and shoot camera that I took everywhere. I was the kid who was always taking pictures, wherever I was.

Bold, minimal, moody, sexy wine was what I had in mind when shooting this project. This photo took several different attempts to achieve the look I wanted.

In high school I had my first photography class. We shot on film using SLRs and I credit that learning experience to where I am creatively today.

My favorite thing to shoot will always be nature and landscapes. I get a sense of stability in shooting something so vast, a feeling of being right where I am supposed to be.

I notice my style evolving over the years, where I would only shoot nature and landscapes now I find myself drawn more to portraits and creating fine art images.

Entitled 'Sara' this is a portrait of my friend who has the most beautiful blue eyes, red hair and freckles which I enhanced to make this portrait vivid

I've recently finished my studies in photography and am focusing on building my photography business James Miike Photography.

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