Photographer Javier A. Bedrina

Casual portrait of Julieta. In a photo session in the field, I also took some moments between poses, to capture the essence of the naturalness of the model.

With a long career in the management of multidisciplinary teams, I offer experience and dedication in every projects I undertake, without forgetting that I am also part of a whole, being the first to roll up my shirt.

More than 25 years of proven experience in Audiovisual Management, Digital Visual Culture, Streaming Media, Content Management, Social Networks and Audiovisual Marketing, always being interested in the possibilities that IT has to offer for creativity and innovation.

Sensual portrait of a Spanish celebrity. During the photo session we improvised some sensual images using latex gloves, glasses and also a Desset Eagle.

I have a wide portfolio of work performed around the world and have collaborated in various publications combining disciplines to disseminate knowledge.

Being a Photographer, Video Artist and Audiovisual Producer is an extra that gives me the advantage of finding creative solutions to complex problems, without ever losing focus on the main objectives.

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