Photographer Javier Rupérez

My name is Javier Rupérez. I am a spanish photographer specialized in extreme macro. It is not my main occupation, but it is my passion: to photograph the hidden world of insects, through a vision that normally surprises the observer, by seeing the real morphology of insects at an unusual size.

Jumping spider eyes 14x: The spiders have eight eyes. The two front ones being the largest. These two eyes are the ones shown here at a magnification of 14x. Their eyes do not have pupils, but the objective used when taking the photograph is reflected in it, giving the sensation of being pupils that are looking at the observer.

Red palm weevil: The red palm weevil is characterised by having a prolongation of the head in the form of a beak, where the antennae are placed in the form of a mace. Thanks to this photograph, red palm weevil, many of my photographs have been published in different media throughout Europe, (The Sun (UK), Dailymail (UK), The Guardian (UK), The Telegraph (UK) ), El País (ES), Metro online (UK), Opinie Magazine (PL), Stern (DE)

Jumping spider 3,5x: It is a photograph of a jumping spider, obtained by means of a microscope objective (Mitutoyo M Plan APO 5x 0.14) adapted to a reflex camera, using the technique of stacking, with an approximate magnification of 3.5x

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