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Photographer Jean-Pierre Damen

From the series: Nightdrifters -

Nightdrifters is an intimate view on people in the streets at night. The photographer wanders the streets in an unobtrusive way, sometimes purely observing sometimes briefly blending in. All pictures reflect a form of intimacy: somebody absorbed in thoughts, people whispering to each other, a slight touch, or an exchange of glances.

Title: She Said

This photo is an intimate moment where two girls whisper to each other while walking the platform of the subway. The intimacy is felt because of the closeness but also because the two girls visually morph into one another.

My name is Jean-Pierre Damen. I am an urban photographer from Berlin in Germany.

I document urbanity in its broadest sense: from street impressions to abstracts views on the city, from atmospheric night shots to (life in) urban space and architecture.

My work is multi-commended at international photo-awards.

General recurring themes in my work are the relation between hyper-individuality and isolation and existential anxiety caused by modernity.

From the series: Moroccan Trail -

Morcoccan Trail is trying to catch the eastern mystique of Morocco, a country that easily bridges so many apparent opposites and contradictions. Modern, traditional, eastern, western, religious, mondaine, desert, ocean and many more.

Title: Rock the Kazbah

This image is taken in a northern Kazbah. A local girl is unaware of the camera and jumps into the scene with great bravado.

From the series: Lucid Dreaming - series in the works

This series is about the paper thin borders between dream and reality. It is a continuous quest for unstaged scenes where the ordinary gains a touch of magic, where reality takes a deep dive into the subconscious world of dreams.

Title: Lucid Dreaming

This photo is a photo of a girl in a car waiting for a traffic-light. The sun hits her face in a way that covers her eyes and at the same time emphasizes her colored lips. An ordinary girl for a split second turns into a moviestar, until the traffic light changes colors and she moves on.

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