Photographer Jens Franke

Iwanson Contemporary Dance Class Description: I was invited to join a professional dance class with my camera. The general level of the dancers was high and the performance was amazing. At the end of the class the mood and the expression of the artists became more and more emotional. This is when i took this moody shoot!

Jens Franke combines street photography with portraiture to capture images that are both intimate and mysterious. He is a professional designer and photographer from Munich. His passion for photography started during his exchange semester in Rio de Janeiro. He was so impressed about the versatility and tensions between the different population groups living together in one mega city.

Stuttgart, March 2013 Description: This image i captured during my everyday strolls through the streets of Stuttgart. It was in early spring and it was snowing despite the sunshine. The whole scenery felt like the end of the world.

To share his impressions he started a blog where he posted his personal view on the city. Back in Germany, his aroused wanderlust took him to exciting destinations in Columbia, Morocco, Europe and the US. Capturing fleeting emotional moments of people, whether of happiness, sadness, joy, anxiety or loneliness became his goal of each journey.

Natalie, 2014 Description: Natalie i photographed in a late summer afternoon and i took this image in diffused window light. This was the classic image between the images when the expression totally captured the mood of the afternoon.

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