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Photographer Julia Franchino Dubor

I am a Photographer and Digital Artist. My passion is to communicate through the image, I am currently working in narrative photography. I also draw and write.

I think that we artists have a mission to exercise one of the most complex muscles: that of observation and this is a daily task.

My motivation is in the search for new experiences that are generated from my curiosity, this allows me to be always in movement, flexible, and open-minded. Through this, I have learned to celebrate the change, the discomfort, and uncertainty that I experience on every journey, in every creative process. Because what never changes in each journey is the final gift of transformation, that which dwells in exploring consciousness, in expanding the depth towards the unknown. It is that which insists on reminding me that our origin goes beyond everything my mind and senses try to interpret.

For me, images are a way of thinking, a procedure that goes through me and questions me, an effective medium that reorganizes me from the inside.

My creative process

All my artworks are born from the play,

playing is for me the sine qua non of all creation.

-These are some of my main artistic statements:

making the invisible visible.

to explore the field of the unknown

-observe that which returns us to certainty

that the extraordinary is the only reality worthwhile

-Be guided through my desire and intuition, moved by a state of curiosity and constant fascination.

- PLAY, that's all !...

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