Photographer Karin de Bruin

My name is Karin de Bruin, mother of 2 sons and living in the beautiful western part of The Netherlands. I have always been interested in art. I began liking art at a very young age visiting the National Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Still I like to go there. The building has been fully renewed and is so beautiful. I also have been to the Louvre in Paris to see the Mona Lisa. I was so anxious to see her. I was really impressed. Since I am not a good painter I developed my interest in photography. 

The sunset was not that spectaculair, besides an orange glow. But that hot-air balloon came to the right place at the right time. These beautiful colored houses can by found in the province of Utrecht in a town called Houten.

I was always taking snapshots, had a camera in my bag all the time. I was a volunteer for the Make a Wish Foundation for a few years. At that time photography became really important. Not only for me but also for the parents. I decided to take some courses and from that moment on photography became a part of my life. At first I did not have much time time because of young children at the house and a very demanding job. But children grow and don’t need a mother around all the time, also my job ended due to a reorganization. The best decision was made for my. Now I really had time for my passion. I started to follow some courses and workshops. First of all nature inspires me. There is so much to see. You never have to go too far. I live near the beaches. I could go there every day and find a complete different scenery. I also love taking portraits in natural light. A welcome bonus is that I have met so many great people through photography. I never get bored of talking about photography. 

Poles in the Mist A beautiful place called The Grevelingen Meer is one of my favorite spots. One day last february I went there but all of a sudden a thick fog appeared. I decided to make a close-up from these wooden poles.

I really love to travel and see other countries. But that also brings a huge challenge to me. Making decisions what gear I will take on my journey. What to bring  to Peru to shoot the  Machu Picchu, but having to carry my gear for 2 weeks to get there makes it hard..  I  love Landscape Photography the most. Sometimes I try to catch the beauty of a complete scenery but also zooming in on details is what I really like. I love my Canon camera, it helps me even in the most difficult circumstances. I have a wide range of lenses but I use my 24-70 the most. 

Fishingnets of Stellendam. A lot of fishing nets can be found close to home. They make a great subject for long exposure photography. I had to do some climbing over hugh concrete blocks to get to a point where I would have the nets in the position I wanted them. I took 2 shots. One just before, and one just after sunset.

If you love art go out and try to make some yourself. It helps you understand the art more. You will most definitely make mistakes, but these help you to improve yourself. And if you love photography take an account on Flickr. You can learn so much from others. More info:




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