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Photographer Kasia Matejczuk

Photographer Kasia Matejczuk

Kasia Matejczuk is a self-taught photographer born in 1978 in Poland.

She first held a camera when she was nine years old, and that's when her adventure with photography began.

She loved drawing portraits and has always been fascinated by the art of painting. At a young age, she fell in love with the classical cinema of the golden era, which later greatly influenced her photography.

Photographer Kasia Matejczuk

In 1998, Matejczuk left Poland and moved to Berlin,

where she took in a photo studio a few years of apprenticeship involved in the fashion scene.

In 2009, she launched a photo studio, where she started working for over ten years on individual photography projects published in various galleries and magazines.

In photography, she loves simplicity, elegance, aesthetics, and authenticity.

"I love art in its every form. Creativity is an expression of my thoughts and feelings. My greatest inspirations are people and life in itself. I discover the unknown and confront the "new" that's the way to grow."

Photographer Kasia Matejczuk

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