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Photographer KromOner

Born and raised in Lower Austria- KromOner is a multi-disciplinary artist working as an illustrator. He started photographing around 2012.

How it started

Fascinated by the graffities of the early 90’s he started drawing and painting, as well as experimenting with different media such as acrylics and charcoal.

He then transitioned from graffiti to illustration and later fine art. Photography, which first started as a means to study composition, light and colour in relation to painting soon became more ambitious. After exploring different methods and genres of photography he soon found that he has been surrounded by the visual vocabulary to express his vision all along: the forest and its vegetation.

Dark Nature

His series „Dark Nature“ (published in 2015) became style-defining for him until today. Aesthetically the photographs can be described as moody, atmospheric, mysterious- although there always seems to be another layer.

„There’s a certain feeling that I’m trying to capture in my pictures. A feeling that I mostly can’t really describe verbally but it seems to get visually clearer with every series that I take. It’s still a mystery though- which is probably why I’m still so enthusiastic about photography and visual arts in general. Also, photography and painting are so much mutually beneficial.“

The pictures on display are from KromOner’s latest series „In the Fog“.

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