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Photographer Lesa Nivens

"God's Sunshine"

This photo of the sun peeking through the leaves sends me a message of

hope, never give up on hope and faith. Always look for the light.

"I am a simple person that enjoys the simple pleasures in life, like family and friends. My faith keeps me grounded and gives me hope. I grew up in a small southern town in northern Alabama where I reside today. My strong point in photography is landscapes, wildlife, nature and abstracts. Although I enjoy photographing anything that catches my eye. The art that I create is driven by emotion. I am inspired by nature and imagination but more so inspired by love, happiness, and disappointment. Every bit of it is fuel I use to ignite my creativeness." - Lesa Nivens


I took this shot in Hollywood Alabama, my home town.

When I look at this photo it says family to me, because the nails

that are driven into the wood are to remain there forever together.

"Snow Blind"

I took this shot while visiting Strawberry Arizona in the winter of 2017 

on a cold but beautiful snowy day.

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