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Photographer Levente Toth

Photographer Levente Toth

"White Tranquility" - it was taken in an area called "The Swamp Forest" in Transylvania, close to my birth town, on a cold and rather misty day. The digital shot was later post-processed into a monochrome photo. Equipment: Canon EOS20D + 28-80mm lens.

Levente Toth was born in Transylvania and grew up in its Hungarian minority community during Ceausescu's totalitarian regime. He began his PhD in artificial intelligence in the UK in 1995, where he has been living since.

"I caught the photography "virus" during my childhood in Transylvania, courtesy of a fully manual camera that was my 13th birthday present. I settled in the UK during my PhD studies, but my main fascination remained the juxtaposition of, and the contrasts between, seemingly everlasting historic places and their ephemeral inhabitants. 

Thus my photographic journeys have taken me to numerous medieval towns, but also to timeless landscapes. 

I have always felt that by trapping shadows and capturing light, we, photographers, are time robbers of a hopefully very gentle kind. During our planned and often unplanned journeys, we freeze and, to paraphrase Susan Sontag, we take with us delicate slices of time - so delicately thin that I hope nobody misses them." - Levente Toth


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