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Photographer Luc Girouard

Luc Girouard lives and works in Montreal, Quebec.

A seasoned graphic designer, it is only recently that he discovered his newest passion -- photography.

Fascinated by humans

Luc Girouard's professional photographic début came in the form of Dead Airport in 2013, a series of compelling photos that made him instantly and widely known on the web. From Above followed in 2016, a series of works that embraced reversed perspectives, as Luc discovered the drone, which sent his artistic imagination skyward.

In 2015 and 2019, Téléquébec's popular arts show, La Fabrique Culturelle, dedicated two segments to a pair of collaborative projects -- Walking Mary and Dead Airport. In 2018, Luc published some of his photographic works in two books -- Montréal bleu, which presented Montreal and its landmarks under a gripping, nocturnal light, and Mon Fuji, which offered a visual illusion evoked by the mountains of abandoned mines in Thetford Mines. Since then, he has also participated in several exhibitions throughout Quebec, and continues to present his photo projects online through Behance, Facebook and Instagram.


"I've been exploring my new passion for nearly 15 years. This fascinating medium that is light, which has become the pivot of my main artistic pictorial expression, is now at the epicentre of my personalized inspiration. It is during each photo shoot that I am humbled, as I learn and tame this inexhaustible creative source that propels my ideas. It is through careful observation, a thirst for knowledge, and inspiration from my many mentors and artistic movements that my photographic concepts emerge. Through total involvement, I continually work to push my creative boundaries where I wish to destabilize or flatter the eye of the beholder. A subject's sensitivity and emotional tension -- these are the essence of my photographic motivation. Because without emotion, there is no photography."

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