Photographer María Muñoz

The two opposite colors such as red and green, used in many movies are my favorite. I always try to include some of them or both. They create a sense of harmony. Red represents willpower, appetite, excitability, authority and sexuality. While green represents perseverance will persistence, self-affirmation, leadership and self-esteem.

My name is María and I am from Spain. I started in photography 4 years ago. Previously, I had been a model of artistic photography until one day I met the one who is currently my partner.

Representation of the classic portrait in chiaroscuro inspired by the Dutch style of painting and photography. With very contrasting lights and shadows with a large presence in textures and environment

He was the one who taught me everything I know and encouraged me to enter the world of photography behind the camera. My work aims to approach the chiaroscuro and the classic style of the Dutch school of painting.

Photographs of flowers there are many. With bright colors and lively appearance. I prefer the ocher tones of still life. Snails are one of my favorite animals and that's why they appear in many of my photographs.

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