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Photographer Margaux Panel

Courriers, Paris - France
Courriers, Paris - France

Flâner Paris

The city, the crowds and the emptiness.

This project undertaken since 2010 in my hometown is an ode to the elegance of Parisian architecture and its history.

To stroll is to look deep into a thousand stories, a thousand lives.

Admire the changes in the city and its inhabitants.

Look for traces of time and events.

It is a present look at the past.

Av Grande Armée, Paris
Av Grande Armée, Paris

These photos revolve around a play of contrast in monochrome on film and medium format. Paris, cradle of contemporary society, city of light in constant evolution.

Wander Paris among the crowds and the emptiness. This project is intended to continue as the city evolves.

Notre Dame, Paris
Notre Dame, Paris

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