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Photographer Max Modén

Max Modén born in Stockholm 1974.

Found my fathers old darkroom in boxes in the basement when I was 12 years, that’s when I decided to be a photographer.

After school I assisted photographers in 8 years in Stockholm, New York and Paris. I started my own business in 2004, mostly fashion and commercial photography.

Working with clients like HM, Marc O’ Polo, C&A and others most of my work I do abroad.

In 2014 i made a music video with a ballerina, we decided to make a still shoot and feel in love with working her.

I believe it was the contrast of working with someone with total control of her body and movement that was so appealing to me.

With my commercial/editorial work I drive to find the natural feeling, especially working a lot with kids. In my ballerina project I can direct the ballerina to do what ever I think is best for the image. Their skills never stops to amaze me.

All this images are with Ella Persson, ballerina with the Mikhalovsky Ballet in St.Petersburg.

More info:

Instagram - Ballerina project:

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