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Photographer Meritxell Cid

I'm Meritxell Cid, a photographer. Graduated in Art History, photography has been with me all my life.

I have studied and experimented in various fields: cinematography, analogue and digital photography, development techniques and production processes, which have been building my way of capturing and narrating the world. I have participated for years from the other side managing an art gallery in Madrid, which has opened me to a world of knowledge and influences that I can apply to my most personal work.

My images are born from an intimate search for the exploration of feelings through my experiences. I develop two lines of experimentation that, although they seem very equidistant to me, complement each other, "The World" and "My world". The container and the content. From those two worlds arise, on the one hand, my photographs of spaces and landscapes and, on the other, my most private part, the self-portraits. My creative process unfolds in a spontaneous and intuitive way, letting the needs of each moment flow.

My passion for photography is also transmitted through my publication, PhotoWorld, where I get closer to current events in the sector through the best editions and exhibitions of the moment.

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