Photographer Olivier Morisse

This is a view of the rooftop of a brand new building in Bordeaux, France, made by BIG Architects (Bjarke Ingels). It’s a cultural and art pole. I shoot this with an iPhone during the opening night and edited it with Lightroom on my phone before posting it. I love the concept of mobile photography and I've followed for a long time this principle before using also a digital dslr camera. There was a time when I made a lot of collages and sci-fi edits only on my phone (see old posts on my Instagram).

I’m a graphic designer that also make photography for work or as a hobby.

I worked for many years in different agencies before I realized as an evidence that I needed to be a freelancer. As a kid I grew up in the countryside and surrounded by nature. Later I moved to cities and embraced urban life.

This is another example of architecture that exists around the cities. Gigantic areas of commercial or industrial warehouses where many people migrate every day to work or to make shopping. This picture in particular has been taken on a sunny day during summer and it was totally empty. I love hanging around that kind of areas when they’re deserted because there is a very special mood and it’s also very quiet.

I’m very concerned about environmental issues and involved into many causes in order to make things right at my own scale. I try to transmit these values to my young kids because the world they live in is already and will be very different than the one I grew up in. Beside my graphic design and photography activities, I’m heading a project of return to nature with my companion.

Everywhere in major cities in France there are new areas where buildings grow fast and often in an erratic way. This picture is an exemple of the kind of constructions which mix concrete and steel. The architects bet on shapes and colors to make their pieces sexy. That’s an ideal playground for me because I’m a graphic designer and these easy tricks catch my eye every time.

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