Photographer Pedro Guarilha

This photo called “meio-ton-to” represents my first attempt to work with photography and design (another passion of mine), using a photo I took in studio from a girlfriend of mine along with this halftone effect.

Pedro Guarilha, 22, photographer, filmmaker and designer based on Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My work is mainly portrait, with analog and digital photography. My passion is translate my thoughts about life, revealing a human, individual, personal side of me and themselves.

“Moon valley” is a turning point for my work, it was the first time I realized that I was about to find my own way to photograph. Colors, geometry, textures and humans harmonically composing to a photo that I thankfully printed and hanged on my living room.

I started 5 years ago with a Zenit camera, taking photos of my friends, local bands, birthday parties and so on, until I get here, creating my own aestethics, playing with light, color and textures.

“eu falo” came from a photoshoot made with a client and friend, and I asked her if I could take this photo, in reference to the same photo from Man Ray, a great contemporary artist, and also inspired by a record cover I love, called “I”, from Cigarrettes After Sex.

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