Photographer Peter Marek

I have favorite places in the north of Slovakia. Rather, you will meet a bear as a human. I'm going to the light. I have pre-visulased images in my head. Sometimes I find them. Then I take them.

I was born in 1968 in Czechoslovakia. I live in a part of the former Czechoslovakia - in Slovakia. After a series of many mistakes and erroneous decisions, I have devoted myself to photography for decades. I work in the National Gallery, teach photography and devote myself to my free creation. I am not a landscape photographer but I use the natural environment to express my feelings. I do not solve problems through photography.

Also close to the city. By the quiet pond. I'm looking for still life. I do not look for great views.

Own or others. I just want to give the image a feeling. Message. About the need to seek peace and harmony. Feeling of the perfect presence of God all around us. The series I have been working for a long time is called "Lesografie" (Les = forrest, grafie = drawing with light). From it are also these photos. I like luxury when I expose 200 rolls of film and from 2400 shots after 5 years I choose 6 photo. I'm slow.

20 minutes drive from the capital are quiet forests. In a few minutes I will switch from the hustle and bustle of the city to the peace in the forest.

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