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Photographer Raffaello De Vito

Raffaello De Vito lives and work in Italy between Reggio Emilia and Modena. He Becomes interested in photography at the age of 12 and at 14 begins his training in an advertising photography studio, an experience that will lead him to get in touch with various professionals and whit important companies on the international market.

At the and of the 80s he started collaborating as a production assistant whit Luigi Ghirri,

collaboration interrupted in 1991 whit the premature death of the great photographer and which gave a birth to a visual research that he still explores today.

A steady work of simplification, subtraction and synthesis aimed at a universal language that is immediately comprehensible. Has to his credit several exhibition in Switzerland, France, Spain, England and Italy as well as numerous publications on website all over the world.


"My nights are more beautiful than your days. They are the doorway to wonder.

The wonder of all wonders."

I am not sure if this just my problem, a general tendency or only a moment of tiredness, but this feeling of an "eternal present" disturbs me greatly. I am totally disoriented by the daily repetition of mind-numbing tragedies and the lack of vision or of a global project or even a common dream for the future on the part of major players on the world stage.

Siberia is burning, Greenland is melting and, in the last year, a half billion trees have been cut down in the Amazon alone.

In this cosmic emptiness that surrounds me, the nothing that I searched for in my nights gives off psychedelic colours and becomes a fairy tale. It is a kaleidoscope of ordinary visions, fragments of images and thoughts. A magic nothing that becomes astonishment and refuge. I think that each person is doing the same thing in their own way and with their own language.

How long can we keep this up?

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