Photographer Rajiv Pachat

Angkor Wat - Siem Reap is a place caught in the warp of time and rightly so I decided to capture and convert all the images into monochrome which justifies the monuments and surrounding ruins, natural and many made, that have withstood the travails of time and nature. I used a Wide Angle Nikkor lens coupled with a Nikon D810 to capture the image the moment the sun started shining after a heavy downpour.

My name is Rajiv Pachat. I do not pursue photography for a living, but it has evolved as a serious passion over the years. Whenever I get a break from my main job as an Investment Banker (which earns me money to pursue this passion), either during weekends or holidays, I make it a point to keep my objective simple - “Capture events happening around us whether it is street photography/macro as well as capture beauty of places, whether it is man-made or natural.” 

Big Ben viewed from the Underground - I love cloudy weather since it paints a different perspective to the image captured which is exactly what I did while capturing Big Ben the moment I got out of the underground station. I used a Sony RX 100 III to capture the image.

I do not stick to a particular genre of photography. My constant aim is to change my mindset from one of scarcity (nothing happening) to one of abundance (there is a lot happening)”.

Thanks to my passion for photography, I look at the world with a different perspective, being able to view and observe the minutest details as well as the big ones, evoking a sense of pride and happiness within, when I capture!  

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