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Photographer Ranjiroo

I am Ranjiroo. I am an Atlanta-based artist, originally from California's Bay Area. My brain is a hodgepodge of 80's pop, retro television shows, and 90's R&B references. My art is a hodgepodge as well. Because mind is not set in one specific area, my art does not come from one specific place. My work is based on my mood. I have about 5 different styles and areas of focus. I'm proud of each of them.

My areas of focus are photography, painting, sculpture, graphic arts, and multi-media.  The medium in which I make my most important contributions is photography. Photography is quick, and I'm impatient, so it works for me. Through photography, I capture what I want immediately. However, I can't stay outside shooting constantly. Those days in the house are filled with painting, editing, and creating abstract digital prints and color palettes. I take pride in my use of symmetry, though I take the asymmetrical very seriously. This means what looks random may have taken me hours, if not days, to get right".

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