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Photographer Raysa Santos

Raysa Santos is a Brazilian artist, photographer, educator, and actress. She is the founder and a member of Teto Coletivo, a collective of women artists who seek to develop their individual and collaborative work through research and experimentation with different expressive languages. Currently, she has been developing her work in Fine Art photography, making portraits and self-portraits that use natural and pictorial light as elements of composition. She employs acting techniques from theater, hybrid photography, video performance and photo-performance in a way that contributes to narrative creation and the development of her own artistic language.


This project is under construction, it is born from psychological and physical fragments of anxiety, through the 4-7-8 breathing method, used in times of crisis. The act of breathing is what gives us the feeling of being present, which breaks with everything that immobilizes us. As in the process of metamorphosis, when the caterpillar, after weaving its cocoon, no longer fits where it is and is forced to leave, to transform and to get rid of this layer that covers it, becoming a butterfly. The artist, through self-portraits, works on these metaphorical elements, in order to reinforce the meanings present in the project, and uses the tools of Fine Art photography, hybrid photography and performance art to build the narrative. This work proposes that the spectator feel, analyze and understand his own crisis processes and place himself in the world with a more generous look at himself, breaking with what ties him when he no longer fits where he is, and facing what he is. before them, what is present and real. Intuition and investigation guide the experience and, by making it a physical object, this work starts to shift the interpretation of the senses from a personal issue to a reflection of the malaise of those who look at it.

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