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Photographer Renée Revah

Born in 1978 in Athens, Greece. Lives in South Attica. Renee studied to be an actress and at the same time attended stage lighting and drawing lessons that ultimately guided her to photography.

Recently she started free diving underwater photography and it quickly turned into a passion. The photographic work under the sea represents an impermeable bond. The relation between light and shadow. The pareidolia effect that the sea bed creates. The way the image penetrates the subconscious.

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The post was created in co-operation with NOICE magazine.

"NOICE is a photography/art magazine for all artists that have a meticulous eye for humor, beauty and curiosity. A keen eye for pattern, light, color, humor, and allegory are the key ingredients in what we publish. NOICE, embodying all things arts and culture, also represent everyday voices through informative news, opinion and political essays. The work we publish, through visual or written mediums, strives to unite the arts, not divide them. We produce and sell limited edition photo books, shirts, prints and more." 

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