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Photographer Renata Dutrée

Former dermatologist Renata Dutrée creates classical Fine Art portraits and Still lifes by combining beautiful use of light with references to symbolism, religion, art and history. She draws attention to the possible aftermath of difficulties that we may encounter in our lives and they transcend the individual story and reflect on what is happening around us.

There is a sense of mystery and apprehension that fill the compositions – objects act as metaphors for something else happening beyond the frame. Drawing the eye through bold aesthetics, colors and props, the images then reveal a deeper truth.

She uses photography to transform pain and sorrow into beauty, often with the past still resonating in the photograph. Personal stories are translated to more universal ones.

"With my images I both hope to arouse the viewer’s curiosity about the other and create awareness of the presence of suppressed grief and anguish. It is an invitation to take a step back, zoom out and see life from a higher vantage point than your own, without prejudice."

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