Photographer Richard Dunkley

Flamenco - A still from my recently completed documentary film profile of fabulous London based Flamenco dancer Maria Vega, 'Spanish Dancer London Life'. The film is just beginning its screening life this autumn/winter and it is aimed at Arts TV globally. Modern Flamenco gets too little exposure on television.

A graduate of The London Film School, a London based Photographer of many years experience, numerous awards and exhibitions. After many years working as a fashion/portrait photographer, for the last twelve years I have concentrated on documentary film artist's profiles. I am now 'in love; with photography again.

Twins, NYC - This is from a series on siblings and twins I did in New York some years ago, for an Italian magazine. It is typical of my preferred use of daylight for nearly all my photographs, and even filming.

I have done an exhibition of contemporary dancers and another of flowers and I am now working on a book and exhibition project, 'Chair Stories' This is twenty years of observations of the beauty of chairs in urban environments, where they seem to quietly observe the human condition.

Dive Duo - This is from a series of 'Dive' images I shot in beautiful pools in the South of France. This is a theme I would like to develop into a bigger project one day

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