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Photographer Rob McAvoy

Updated: Apr 4

Rob McAvoy

"My name is Rob and I’m 52-year-old and didn’t get into photography until quite late in life, I have always wondered just how people did the traffic long exposures, so I guess that’s where my long exposure / light painting journey began, I didn’t realise at the time just how far this journey was going to take me.

From making simple lightpainting tools with some basic soldering I have progressed to even more complicated builds (my neopixel painter) which involved learning some basic programming and a lot of head scratching.

Some of the highlights of my journey include the fantastic new friends whom I couldn’t have progressed without their help and inspiration."

This photo was taken on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne on the Northumberland coast UK, a few of us decided to head out and try our luck capturing predicted meteor showers however we also packed our lightpainting tool as a plan b.

The image was created using a cheap RGB torch/flashlight attached to some acrylic rod using the upturned fishing boats/cabinsand castle as a backdrop. 

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