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Photographer Roland Krämer

Born and raised in southern Germany Roland always had a strong connection to nature, which later in his life lead to a photographic passion in documenting nature. Roland loves exploring the raw nature of his surroundings and capturing the moment of joy you feel being outside. Always on the search for interesting compositions, patterns and objects that represent the beauty in the simple.

His work focuses on minimalism, simplicity and abstract structures in nature. In his pictures he showcases parts of nature in an artistic way that tend to be overlooked. Parts of nature that show their beauty at the second glance.

The Strange Series is a study of experimental infrared photography. The series was created with the help of a modified full spectrum camera that captures the combination of visible light and infrared light. The combination of both spectrums made it possible to create pictures with unusual, unfamiliar or peculiar colour renditions that still have a touch of reality to them. Strange colours. Strange shapes. Strange objects. A strange combination of nature & urban life. This pictorial series of infrared photos is a visual representation of the strange times we are currently facing. Strange times that don't feel like reality. But still are.

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