Photographer Simon Manoha

«S’excrit! » is a series inspired by the work of the philosopher Jean-Luc Nancy. I was choosen a place in a abandoned quarry of basalt. During several months, I was going with plastic buckets of liquid local clays of different colors. And I was painting the basalt front. One weeks, one months later I was coming back to repeat the operation. My camera was positioned in the same place to keep the same frame. I would like to record the discussion between me, the clay, the basalt and the weather, to try to understand the world dynamics.

I try trough different ways to reach the depth of the world of which I am one. I study the language, its writing and its concepts with the help of philosophers like Friedrich Nietzsche, Martin Heidegger, Gilles Deleuze, Jacques Derrida, Jean-Luc Nancy, and some poets like Basho or René Char.

To feel things I study ceramics, the clay and the simplicity of Japanese one, specially the manufacture of chawans and the high temperature firing. To see things as they are I works photography, the deepness of the surface, the matter of things, its force, stature and energy. To heard things I play music, nylon guitar in solo, the dynamic of silence, contrast and feeling. Finally to taste things, I make my sourdough bred and my pasta, studying the fermentation and the wild plants.

«Vegetable Matter X» is part of the series «What’s the Matter?», a photographic project which tries to approach the matter. Ironically divided into fields (animal, mineral, human and vegetable), the photographs have the same features: full frame, large format, high resolution, no out of focus. One purpose: to submerge into the world, the difference of intensity, speed and rhythm, to try it self «excriture» (Jean-Luc Nancy). In other words, to try to live/to see beyond the categories, the concepts and the genders; where the exuberant and silent creation of worlds takes us further away from customs way too human.

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