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Photographer Simon Paul

Simon resurrected his interest in photography in late 2019 following a long break. He uses an Olympus Pen F, predominantly with the superb 17mm f1.8 lens. The Pen F's monochrome mode 2 is a virtual copy of Kodak Tri X, his favourite film of old.

Simon just shoots wherever interests him which includes a lot of natural subjects. Subjects that are particularly quirky or show natural subjects in a different or interesting manner tend to captivate him. Sometimes, it will be the entire subject, sometimes just a detail, especially if it says something more than the whole. None of his pictures are modified in any way, being shot straight into jpegs. Simon's quest is to continue focussing (excuse the pun) on subjects from nature or man made that show an interesting side as to how nature forms and man builds around nature.

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