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Photographer Sonali Dalal

Sonali has been fortunate to work with artists of repute from various countries across Europe and America who were  invited to India and offered studio, materials and congenial environment.

Each one had his/her own style of work, medium and philosophy to experiment. They enjoyed working with local material in a local milieu which inspired them and excited their imagination.

Sonali has been a witness to the birth of art at first hand like a fly on the wall in the studio.

Sonali watched this transformation from materials to art and was amazed by the creative process at work. She sat in the studio unobtrusively and let her camera eye roam about and record materials, tools and personal gear which produced the masterpieces and made who the artist is and his art. In the bargain, she let her camera record not only the process but also the creativity from her abstract viewpoint. The inspired pictures she recorded have been art in its own right coordinating with the art and the artist in front of her.

With this group of photos, Sonali presents the work of two artists who worked mostly with handmade paper and pigments. She has interpreted the artist and his creative process in her own mould.

The series represents Art inspiring and creating Art.

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Michael Nguyen
Michael Nguyen
Jul 27, 2020

Good work

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