Photographer T. CHICK McCLURE

“Red Stone Inn” (2018) by T. Chick McClure A room capture of Chick and his father staying at the Red Stone Inn in Moab, Utah. This road trip that changed the relationship between Chick and his father for the better. (TCHICKMCCLURE-JaamZINFeature-RedStoneInn.jpg)

T. CHICK McCLURE is a Grammy award-winning, transgender artist working in the medium of photography. His work regularly explores themes of gender, authenticity, and familial relationships.

“Transition Week No. 170” (2019) by T. Chick McClure Portrait of Chick 170 weeks into his transition after beginning hormone replacement therapy in March of 2016. (TCHICKMCCLURE-JaamZINFeature-WeekNo.170.jpg)

In style, the work might best be described as a kind of heightened realism where seemingly ordinary situations and environments are elevated through careful editing and sometimes through the joining of words and story. 

“The Room in Blanding, Utah” (2018) by T. Chick McClure A room capture of Chick and his father in their room in Blanding, Utah. (TCHICKMCCLURE-JaamZINFeature-Blanding.jpg)

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