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Photographer Tajana Dedić Starović

Tajana Dedić Starović (Artist At Camera) is photographer and videographer from Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She describes her work as sugar, spice & everything nice. Glitter lover, pornographer, and self-explorer. Lover of women's body and color pink. Exploring femininity and sexuality, but also everyday situations and daily routines presented in distorted ways. Owner of a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.

Both pieces of work are some of my older works, while I was exploring the perks of digital manipulation. Through my work, I always try to present some kind of distorted reality and it is important for me to send a message. The first work explores the relation of a modern human with technology, we are consumers with bad eating habits. It is so easy to become addicted to all of our gadgets and wires. The second one is also connected to our everyday life when we want to creep out of our own self due anxieties, depression and other conditions that are part of this modern, fast world.

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Representative agency- Adolescent Content 

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