Photographer Tapas Chaklader

My name is Tapas Chaklader, I am an educator by profession, living in kolkata,india.

I started photography with a simple prosumer few years back and soon upgraded to a

mid range DSLR.

Between the rains, sunrise on a monsoon morning in Henry's island ... near kolkata(india) ..

No sooner it became my passion; with a mixed background of science and fine art, I found a sweet spot between them in order to express myself  in the

digital world of photography. Although I love monochromes the most, but haven't confined myself in any particular genre.

On a winter morning, somewhere in the countryside of rural Bengal(india) ..

I am a self taught photo artist, highly inspired by many outstanding photographers, whom I found on different photography forums over the internet and have learnt a lot, particularly regarding post processing and the endless process still continues. To me ,photography is all about vision because end of the day "It is the photographer, not the camera, that is the instrument."

" People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile ..." On a winter morning, somewhere in a tribal village of rural india ..

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