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My name is Tejal Mewar. I am primarily a government officer involved in exports promotion of textiles, living in Gujarat, India. I started photography as a hobby in 2014. I have Canon 1100D with 18-55 & 55-250 mm kit lenses. I am a self-taught photographer. Observing good photographs on various photography related forums and publications has helped me a lot develop my own style. Every day I am learning something new. And this process is endless.

This pic was taken at the salt field in Gujarat India. A candid moment of their working.

I like capturing candid moments on streets of the people and their life, and have also got interest in nature and fine art photography. For me, anything I find unique or amazing for my vision can make me stop and click. In street there is no stage setting, no rehearsals. One has to keep the eyes open, mind alert, raise camera, aim and click at the right moment.

Some of my work has been recognized at national and international levels. My photographs have been showcased a number of times, and have been published worldwide.

This pic was taken at a tribal festival, called Gher fair in a small village of Gujarat State in India. The place was quite crowded. Movement was quite uneven. I have used slow shutter technique with panning to capture this pic.

Photography has brought quite a lot of changes in my life. My attitude towards life has changed. It has brought lot of positivity in my life. My self-confidence has increased a lot. I have become more patient. And more over I have also realized that, all the people in this world are good, only they have different points of view.

I really love photography. It is keeping me happy from inside and taking me away from every worry of my life. It takes me somewhere that I have never been to. It helps me preserve these beautiful moments of life. All I want to say is: Camera is a wondrous tool that you may freeze beautiful moments of life with. And I am so glad I learned this.

This pic was taken during Ram Leela a tradition drama performed during Navratri festival of India. I have captured a candid moment where a performer was pipping through the curtain when other artists were performing on the stage.

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